Friday, February 1, 2013

Making Our Dried Apples

Sergio is using our FB Pease apple peeler on the remaining Honeycrisp apples from our season 2012.

Once Sergio is done peeling them, the apples go to Loyda and Alejandro who cut them up with a meat slicer and then place them on drying tays.  

Next we put the treys full of sliced apples into our commercial dehydrator that holds 14 trays. We run it for 3.5 hours before we take them out. 

Once the apples are dried Loyda takes them off of the trays and puts them into 6 oz. bags. 

Afte the apples are packaged, they are boxed up and then wait for the Market to open so customers can taste test these delectable treats. However, if you cannot wait for the market to open, we ship out dried apples during the winter months too. 

Stay warm and enjoy your week.

~The Wood Orchard Family