Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Have you seen our Market Elves?

It's never boring at the Market! Lately we have had our elves working hard in the warehouse. They leave every day covered in pricing stickers and lots of glitter. The glitter is the main reason why we call them "elves." When they're walking around the Market they leave a trail of glitter behind. They have spent the last month in the hot warehouse pricing and organizing to make sure everything is ready for our Fall season. 
We want to thank them for all of their hard work and we are finally starting to put out our new decorations. 

Fall is just around the corner. Most schools just started and the leaves are going to start changing soon. Then its Halloween and Thanksgiving. If your favorite Holiday is Halloween we have some of the cutest stuff. Like fun witch hats and adorable pumpkin decorations. 

We will also be getting real pumpkins, squash, and gourds to sell as soon as they are ready. Fall is beautiful in Door County and a lot of fun. 

Egg Harbor's Pumpkin Patch is October 12th and 13th. While Sister Bay's Fall Fest is the following weekend, October 18th through the 20th. Those are great weekends to plan your next Door County trip, but don't forget to stop by and see us!

We know its not winter yet, but it's never too early to start your Christmas shopping for gifts and decorations.We have a wonderful, new selection to choose from. 

We have fluffy Snowmen and even a motorcycle Santa. Also this year we have TONS of light-up decorations, like light up snowmen and winter pictures. 

If snowmen aren't what your looking for, don't worry. Our woodsy winter wonder land section is great for that nature look. 

In other news: We just started our SweeTango* apple season this week. We are hoping to have them for about three weeks but it all depends on mother nature and the demand for them. Honeycrisp are doing great and should be in our stores around the end of the month! 

So when you come to the Market to pick up some apples, pie, or cherry salsa, take a look around at all of our fall and winter decor. We always have something for you and your grandchildren, sister, daughter, son, brother, aunt, husband, niece, nephew, uncle, neighbor, cat sitter and everyone else.

Just a warning, if you leave the Market covered in glitter just tell people where you were and they will understand.