Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Photos

 Dad, Grandpa, Uncle or Step Dad we are all grateful for the wonderful men that we have in our lives. They pick us up when we need a hand and are always there for a hug or an ear. So HAPPY FATHER'S DAY just one last time.  

We had to document some of the adorable Dad's and their kids at the Market this weekend. Some are new Dad's and some are Dad pro's now. We appreciate all of you and can't wait to see you again. We hope you liked the fudge :) 

Now that is a happy Dad and daughter!

What better way to spend the Day? 

Aww. Doesn't this just make you smile? 

The little guy is more into his cider pop then posing for a photo. We totally understand. 

His shirt says Dad's Against Daughters Dating

The kids definitely got their height from their Dad

Such a Happy Family that the Cider Pops

They were IN LOVE with the Fudge! We hope you all enjoyed it! 


Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day AND National Fudge Day

This Sunday is going to be a WONDERFUL DAY! 

Not only is it going to be warm and sunny in Door County but its also Father's Day and National Fudge Day. So, if you know how we always do things at the Market, we are going to CELEBRATE in style. 

With that being said this SUNDAY and Sunday ONLY we will be having a FUDGE special. Our normally priced fudge will now be $11.99 per pound. 

PLUS to show our Dad's that stop by the market how much we appreciate them, we will be giving away a FREE 1/4 lb (or one square) of any of our delicious  fudge flavors. 

We have lots of Great DAD gifts, besides your jam and salsa. 

If Sunday didn't sound great enough, it still gets even better. So on top of our fudge being $11.99 per pound and a free square for Dad's. We are also revealing a NEW fudge flavor.......
It doesn't only look yummy it IS! It tastes exactly like a one too. We have been perfecting it the last week and it is FINALLY ready for everyone to taste test! 

We hope you are all as excited for this weekend as we are. 
National Fudge Day
 We hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend. 
~See you at the Market~

P.S. Look at this great Dad we had at the Market today. Doesn't this just make your heart smile? 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Fun Doughnut Fact on National Donut Day

This morning Janice and I were making signs for the market to promote National Doughnut Day. She asked me how to spell DONUT because she thought it “looked” weird.  After a long discussion and asking all of the other employees at the Market we decided to solve this argument the good old fashion way…….WE GOOGLED IT.

From our Google search we discovered that there are two different ways to spell it and they both are correct. So Janice and I were both right.
We thought we would share our new found knowledge with all of you.
So no matter if you are a DOUGH-NUT or a DO-NUT  speller, we hope that you celebrate this great Holiday, by eating a doughnut either with us or with your family and friends.

And yes, we know that today is just a national event, but we take our doughnut eating seriously and it is a HOLIDAY to us.  

Thursday, June 6, 2013

National Doughnut Day- June 7th, 2013

Tomorrow is the day we have ALL been waiting for........

NATIONAL DOUGHNUT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So in honor of National Doughnut Day, we will be giving away a free pack of Cherry Doughnuts with every purchase of $50 or more. And of course we will have lots of them to sample as well. 

It's crazy how National Doughnut Day has become such an exciting day at the Market. We will have our bakery up and running at the crack of down to make sure we have enough for everyone. The sugar on our Cherry Doughnuts might get all over your mouth, but trust us, its well worth the mess.

Even animals enjoy our doughnuts. One costumer last year thought she had them hidden from her pup and came back into the Market for one more quick thing. By the time she got back out to her car, the entire package of doughnuts was gone. She wasn't happy but at least her dog was. 

We are excited for tomorrow, however this is a ONE DAY ONLY SALE. So we hope to see you tomorrow to help us celebrate!