Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How Wood Orchard Market Packs Apples

Have you ever wondered what the process involves when picking and packing apples?

We have decided to show you step by step how OUR  APPLES go from tree, to bin, to bag, and finally to your home.

1) Each apple is hand picked because apples are a delicate fruit. Once they are picked they are then put into the pickers picking bag.

2) When the bag is full, the apples are emptied into large bins. The bins are then brought to the packing shed where they wait to be washed, graded, and put into bags.

*Both of these photos were taken at our Sturgeon Bay Orchard. We also have an apple orchard in West Jacksonport

3) The apples are brought to the packing shed where they are lifted onto the grader. This machine will take the apples on a little ride.                                                            
4) The apples are submerged into water and floated out of the bin.


5) Once the apples are out of the bin, they are elevated out of the water and are washed, then proceed down the packing line


The apples cross an inspection table where our ladies cull out blemished apples.
7) Next, the apples enter the grader. A camera takes several pictures of each apple and separates the red ones from green ones.  The apple grader is computer operated and the computer separates the apples to various tables according to size. The larger apples have plu (price look up) stickers affixed to them to help checkout personal at grocery stores know the variety and price of the apples. You will see these plu stickers on virtually every large piece of fruit in your grocery store, not just apples.

 8). The apples now roll onto foam tables. This is where they are put into boxes or bags per the order.

This is a photo of the line with the foam circle tables
Here the apples are being put into paper tote bags. 
Other apples are put into 3# poly bags
that are common in grocery stores.

Some apples are put on trays and then boxed

9) These apples are now ready to be brought to our market or grocery stores.

Now you know how our apples are picked and packed. If you have any questions don't hesitate to comment below or shoot us an email.  

We hope everyone is enjoying the winter, even though it is freezing outside. We look forward to seeing all of you in spring! 
STAY WARM!!!!!! 

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