Thursday, August 8, 2013

Collection of Visitors at The Market

As some of you know we have been taking lots of photos this season. We have been trying to blog and post as many of them as we can. However, sometimes it gets a little crazy here and we forget about them until it is too late. So FINALLY here are some of the photos that we have taken and would like to share with all of you. 

From their bikes to ours. 
 This was a great group of bikers who were at the Market in June. They come up once a year as a group. It was great to see them come back.  They even had some fun with us. Below is a photo of one of them racing Kimberly around our dirt track. The victor was the speedy biker. However, Kimberly swears she got caught on a rock. I guess they will just have to have a rematch next year. 

The Bride and Groom stopped at the Market after their ceremony to pick up some goodies. They were just adorable. We were so happy to be apart of their BIG Day.

The Tin Lizzy car club stopped up at the Market. It was great to see them and all of their sweet old cars. 

 Sister Love
These five sisters came to the market to enjoy a Sister's Day. 

The Twins and Mom
If they don't look like family you might have to get your eyes checked ;)

 While his wife was shopping he got to take care of the family pet. 

We love it when Trollies come to the Market. They are always filled with wonderful people. 

Molly and Santa
This is Molly's favorite day of the season. Santa always stops at the Market every year for Christmas in July. See you at Christmas Santa!!! 

 Spatula Licking Good.
These two gentlemen came to visit just as Kimberly was finishing up a batch of Fudge. She let them have a sample.

Enjoy the Sunshine

As you can tell we have all types of people and families come to the Market. Some come to shop, some come to taste, while others come to enjoy the company of friends and family. So the next time your in Door County don't forget to come visit us, and it's okay if you stay a few minutes or a few hours. :) 

Have a safe and fun weekend!!!! Hope to see you soon! 

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